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About MILS

MILS was founded on the belief that supporting individuals can be done in a personalized way. Our approach to providing services is just like the people we serve: unique, wholehearted, and constantly evolving. One size does not fit all, and our team members believe that anything is possible through hard work, commitment, and community.

Growing Together  Since 2010

Our Why

Supporting Independence, Nurturing Growth

To create opportunities, foster relationships, and advocate for others so that they are supported in experiencing personal growth, independence, and a sense of community.

Our Values


Personal Growth



Giving Back

Our Commitment

Meaningful Experiences, Lasting Impact

MILS is consistent, thorough, and wholehearted in our approach. Through active listening, collaboration, empathy, and encouragement, MILS supports individuals in achieving their self-directed goals, so they may live the most joyful and enriching lives possible.

As a local, family-owned agency, we are dedicated to personalizing services through frequent engagement in, constant refinement of, and desire to create a meaningful experience that impacts both the lives of those we serve as well as surrounding communities.  

Our highly-trained and motivated team hails from diverse backgrounds, which enables MILS to be thoughtful and discerning when matching a person-served with a team member. This intentionality ensures not only a suitable fit for achieving goals, but also for enjoying the journey along the way.

Let's Connect

The MILS Support Team



Est. 2010


Director of Operations

Joined 2010


Program Director

Joined 2013


Program Manager

Joined 2011


Staffing Coordinator

Joined 2020


Billing Coordinator

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Project Manager

Joined 2021